Introduction to my Blog

2 minute read Published: 2020-01-07

This blog will mainly contain release announcements for my various projects, some deep dives into designs or optimizations I did. Also some opinions sometimes.

It seems like a hard requirement for being a rust developer is to have a blog and a twitter, I don't like twitter so here is my blog :D.

It will probably be nice to have some place to write down long-form thoughts and share them with others. When writing about tech I want the posts to be a mini-tutorial, too, so to get started:

I built this site using zola, the "after-dark" theme and github pages. Just straightforward following the tutorials, no real customization. The git repository has two branches, the "raw" branch contains the zola configuration and markdown content, while the "master" branch contains the rendered page, ready to serve. I have both repositories checked out locally in twin Folders. The deploy.sh script builds and copies the rendered pages to the master branch.

i made some slight adjustments to the theme, namely adding rss links everywhere. Sadly i had to copy a lot of the themes templates to do that, not sure if there is a better way (besides forking the template).

I have also imported all my reddit posts to get started.